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Buying Insurance On-Line
What To Do, What Not To Do 

We have participated in on-line insurance quoting services that have on-line buyers fill in a questionnaire that gets forwarded to us. The quality of information was seldom sufficient for us to provide our best quote. The submitted info was usually wrong or too incomplete to process a complete quote, so we wound up "Ball-parking" a premium estimate. People were insecure about entering in social security numbers and other personal information. The instant on-line quotes are just "ball park" estimates too. When a completed application is submitted to the company they reserve the right to change the premium. We had clients jump at these "lower" cost policies, only to have them call us back to see if they could get back with their old company. Sometimes you lose continuous coverage credits or renewal discounts so when the policy is rewritten it is at a higher premium. A word to the wise - get these too good to be true estimates guaranteed in writing before you even think about replacing your coverage. Very few of these low-ball estimates ever pan out!

When you request an "on-line" quote form from us we email or fax a form to you which is returned by fax, or regular mail to protect your privacy. We then respond by email or telphone to review the quote with you. Our motto is to do it right, or don't do it.

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Free Flag Decals
Call the office if you need a car flag or window flag decal. We have many through the generosity of Erie Insurance Company. They are the static kind (non-sticky) in case you want to move the decal later.