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Many people think it doesn't matter where they buy insurance. This misconception costs them money, service and protection. Insurance isn't a commodity, it's an important financial safety net not to be considered lightly. There are 4 sources to buy insurance:

* CAPTIVE AGENTS- sell insurance for only one company.

* TELEPHONE REPS - sell for one company only on the phone, have limited training, and may not even be licensed or regulated.

* INTERNET/ON-LINE - most people do not have the expertise to properly design a policy. On-line forms are way too limited to cover all the options, and besides, who wants to spend all that time filling out forms, pointing, clicking, blah, blah, blah. Like Mom always said, "Haste makes waste!" And how do you get service on line? Most clients prefer to call their real live local interested agent when they need service.

* INDEPENDENT AGENT - sell for many companies, experienced, licensed, ethical and professional. Will research for you the best combination of coverage and price.
An Independent Agent works for you, not for the company. An Independent Agent can service you for life. If your current company raises rates too high, or cancels your coverage, your Independent Agent can arrange for coverage with another company. No one knows your insurance needs better than your Independent Agent, there is a difference!

Your Independent Agent will:
assist you if you have a claim, represents your interests like a consultant, treats you like a person, not a number, Offers one-stop shopping for a full range of products. Values you, and offers value to you. You're going to have to pay for insurance, you might as well get an agent with your policy! Don't get suckered in by those 1-800 direct companies - they sell stripped down coverage with important gaps in coverage.  What good is the cheapest most stripped down policy when the summons is in your hand or the fire department is in your driveway?  If you were jumping out of an airplance would you want the cheapest parachute you bought on line or the best parachute bought and serviced from a professional? Your policy is your parachute.     

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LISUZZO AGENCY -  40 Yrs. Experience
We have 40 years experience selling and servicing insurance and have learned about companies and products that can help you save money, meet your needs, and simplify your life instead of causing you headaches and hassles.  Call us to help you cut through the noise and clutter.  We can review what you have presently at our office by appointment. If you are not satisfied with the performance of your accounts you owe it to yourself to spend a few minutes with us to see if there might be something better for you.